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Our Story

Our modern and ambitious company started its activity in May 2015. The factory was established on the basis of the former bakery, where extensive modernization and reconstruction of production facilities was carried out, was built a new European-style workshop, modern flow-mechanized lines were installed and highly qualified personnel were selected. Production facilities are located in the Vinnytsia region in the Makhnovka village.


ТМ «SweetArte»

Our team

A friendly team of experts, in which everyone knows  about his business. Thanks to the well-coordinated and painstaking work a remarkable product is obtained under the trademark “SWEET ARTE”

Aleksey Kostiukov
Aleksandr Muravets
Factory Director
Aleksandra Savchenko
Financial director
Lubov Mihalchuk
Chief Technologist
Elena Savchenko
Chief Accountant
Antonio Stoyanov
Expert in foreign trade
Vladymyr Tyshchuk
Expert in foreign trade
Liliya Puskarenko
Manager of logistick
Anastasiya Kotsekoglu
Assistant manager for regional development
Sergey Novosolov
Head of procurement department
Anastasiya Mlynchenko
Office Administrator

The company’s production is certified according to the international quality management system ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 9001: 2015, and also received a certificate of quality HALAL CERTIFICATE.Besides, introduced a system of food safety HACCP, which makes it possible to timely prevent the occurrence of any risks. Sweet Arte, as a confectionery manufacturer, not only manufactures the final product, but also takes a number of precautionary measures to ensure that its products are safe and meet modern requirements for product quality.

Certified by the Center for Research and Certification Halal "ALRAID"
SIC certified